Deceptively Deep: Amazingly Realistic Digital Art Pieces

Digital art has become amazingly realistic. There’s almost no limit to the amount of depth and detail digital artists can infuse in their creations. Artist and musician Juan Siquier uses his considerable skill to give an amazing amount of life to his digital creations.

One of the common complaints about digital art is that it looks too “smooth” and unrealistic. To combat this problem, Siquier adds in a bit of “noise” to his images. The result is a more balanced digital picture that looks arrestingly realistic.

Whether he is depicting beautiful architecture or a run-of-the-mill household room, all of Siquier’s images contain a great deal of care and detail. Being a musician as well as an artist, many of his pieces tend to contain guitars and other musical equipment.

Siquier is a master of lighting and perspective, and every one of his images has just the right amount of personality to make it accessible and believable. The exceptional amount of detail in each piece is almost closer to a digital photograph than to a digital painting.

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See more in Digital Design or under Technology. June, 2010.