Cyclotron: Spoke-Free Bike Wheels Roll Along on Airless Tires


The Cyclotron features a pair of spokeless wheels and air-free tires made from solid polymer, and in the spirit of TRON: it also features automatic lighting that lends it a sleek futuristic look. Its creators boast that it is the first no-spoke bike to be commercially available.

tron bike

Space in the wheels is freed up, which makes for an unusual add-on feature: the ability to put storage containers in the center of the resulting void, expanding carrying capabilities.

bike wheel

An app alerts users when the battery is getting low, cuing riders (via an app) to plug the seat post charger into the wall.

carbon fiber bike

More from the makers: “materials and production methods have rapidly evolved within the last decade. The ‘cyclotron bike’ is made of space grade carbon fiber composite, which makes it rigid, stiff & ultra lightweight at the same time.”

bike day

“The stiffest, most lightweight and durable construction could be achieved with a ‘carbon fiber sandwich’ — two layers of carbon fiber are combined with an ultra lightweight core structure. this way fewer layers of carbon fiber and less resin are used, without impairing stability. “

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See more in Bikes & Cycles or under Transportation. July, 2016.