Cruise the Aisles in Style: Funky Shopping Cart Bicycle

Riding in the grocery cart was one of the simple pleasures of childhood. Watching the products in the aisles go by while you recline among the fresh produce and frozen foods is an experience you are forever denied once you reach a certain size. If you’re really missing the feeling of gliding through the supermarket aisles, Korean designer Jaebeom Jeong has a grownup solution: the Cartrider.

The Cartrider is a combination of a shopping cart and a bicycle that allows a shopper to sit within the cart while pedaling around. Just like when Mom piloted the cart on shopping trips, the groceries get piled up around the rider. But unlike those childhood shopping trips, you have to put some effort into propelling yourself through the aisles. Tall shoppers might still have to push their groceries around the traditional way since their knees likely won’t fit into the diminutive cargo/passenger area.

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See more in Art Vehicles or under Transportation. August, 2011.