Cool Artsy Pen Draws in Ink, Stores Sketches in Digital

We’re all writers/nerds here at Gajitz, but we have the pleasure of being acquainted with plenty of artists. We’ve noticed that they all seem to have their own methods when it comes to drawing the line (sorry for the horrible pun) between physical and digital drawing. Some prefer to draw only digitally while others draw with a pen or pencil on paper and then scan it into a digital format. Not many artists get by these days without any type of digital element to their work. Wacom, purveyors of the most-loved computer drawing tablets ever, have created a new product that appeals to all types of artists whether they prefer digital or analog sketching.

The Inkling is an ordinary-looking pen that hides a pretty unordinary secret: everything you draw with it (as long as the receiver is nearby) is captured digitally. You can draw on ordinary sketchpads, notebooks – even napkins. The little receiver device sees and stores it all, keeping your sketches safe until you can transfer them to your computer for further refinement.

Because it has a ballpoint tip, the Inkling gives a familiar drawing feeling. Anyone who has ever drawn with a digital pen can attest to the fact that it takes a lot of getting used to. In theory, you should be able to pick up the Inkling pen and draw just like normal. But you can also easily add digital layers as you draw, meaning that when you transfer the sketch to your computer you’ll be able to change certain elements around just as if you had drawn the whole thing digitally in the first place. The Inkling will run around $200 and it’ll be available in late 2011.

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See more in Digital Design or under Technology. September, 2011.