Convertible: Maglev Living Room Doubles as Driverless Car

living room

Minimizing your travel time and complexity between home and, well, anywhere else, this living-room-and-car combination takes you straight from a skyscraper condo to the streets of your city.


Charles Bombardier, a mechanical engineer from Canada, worked with vehicle designer Ashish Thulkar to develop Tridika. The resulting pod-like living room is secretly a maglev car designed to scale the sides of buildings and become an extension of your home (that also takes you away from home).

interior room

Using magnetic levitation technology, the room/car speeds along tracks, climbing buildings and descending to join other vehicles below. Like many driverless car concepts, it takes a vehicle-and-room approach, letting people who would be drivers sit back and enjoy the ride instead. As a bonus, it minimizes wasted space – when you are not at home, do you really need to leave your living room behind?

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See more in Unbuilt Concepts or under Technology. October, 2016.