Coffee-Making Alarm Clock: Wake Up with a Fresh-Brewed Cup


The best part of waking up is usually not actually have to, but a close second may be: rising to the rousing smell of a freshly-brewed cup of coffee sitting right next to your bed.

coffee alarm clock detail

coffee added creme

coffee fresh brewed cup

coffee view from above

A combination alarm clock and coffee maker, The Barisieur by Joshua Renouf uses steel balls to generate both sound (as they move) and heat (through induction), helping create your fresh hot drink and wake you at the same time.

coffee alarm set go

coffee sugar ground beans

coffee capsule refrigerated ready

A small refrigeration unit keeps the milk cool overnight as well, though an non-dairy alternative might make the design a bit more cost-effective.

coffee dial settings

coffee making kit apart

coffee nightstand table

A nighttime ritual of preparation is required, once that hopefully helps get you ready to go to bed in the first place, but once you have the beans, sugar and milk in place, the rest takes care of itself, and by the time you find yourself groggily reaching to turn it off you will find a coffee in your hand.

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