Close the Circuit: Bookmark Folds into Flexible Reading Lamp

bookmark flex light

Form follows function in this flexible and transparent combination bookmark and nighttime reading light, which turns on when you fold the battery back to connect with a lower tab.

bookmark light

The ‘bookmark light’ by Kouichi Okamoto “uses a conductive ink that transmits electricity through the help of a lithium coin battery. The grid utilizes ink with nano size silver particles between a layer of film that forms the liquid crystal.”

folding bookmark lamp

The transparency provides a fun way to see how the gadget works, and the simple on/off function makes for easy use as a light while the flat configuration makes for a simple bookmark. All in all, a pretty simple but neat way to get a little illumination for your bedroom or travel reading.

book light

The device was created in “collaboration with business venture Agic Inc. of the University of Tokyo – the interactive design can be used as page tab or as a illuminative source, allowing one to carry on reading without disturbing a sleeping partner.”

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