Click Your Heels + This Device Gets You Out of a Bad Date

dorothy and ruby bad date escape system

We’ve all heard of (and a lot of us have probably used) the “rescue call.” It’s when you ask a friend to call you half an hour or so into your date just so you have a way out if things aren’t going well. “Oh, sorry, a pipe burst in my apartment and I have to go right now!” A new system called Dorothy¬†will let you initiate that rescue call yourself without having to plan ahead with a friend.

ruby wearable device

The system is named after the Wizard of Oz character who clicked the heels of her ruby slippers three times to go home. Appropriately, the small wearable device that fits into your shoe is called Ruby, and it communicates with the Dorothy app to help you get out of a tight spot.

Dorothy is still in development, but so far it can either make your phone ring with a fake pre-set contact name (like “Boss” or “Mom”) or notify three friends of your exact location via text message. That second option could literally be a life-saver if you find yourself in a truly squirrely situation.

dorothy app

In the future, IStrategyLabs wants to incorporate even more functionality into Dorothy. One of their ideas is using Dorothy to summon an Uber ride for you. It might not be the most humane way to end a horrible date, but when you’re really stuck all you’ll have to do is click your heels three times, excuse yourself to “use the restroom,” and then slip out of the door and into a waiting car.

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