Clearing the Air Naturally: Plants + Technology Scrub Toxins

Air purifiers have become a common sight in homes and offices as people become more concerned with air impurities. Most of them are of the plug-in variety, but designers Mathieu Lehanneur and David Edwards had a bright idea: why not use nature’s air purifiers to serve the same purpose in buildings? Plants, of course, are known for their ability to scrub toxins from the air and release pure, fresh oxygen. The Andrea air purifier combines nature and technology into one beautiful and effective air-scrubbing machine.

Andrea uses nearly any household plant you supply and takes advantage of its natural purifying properties to absorb and neutralize airborne toxins. A powered fan pushes air over the plant’s leaves and through the roots and soil to speed up the plant’s filtration process. According to Andrea’s creators, the device removes toxic gases from the air at a rate of over 1000% faster than plants alone.

The Andrea seems to be a huge improvement over most other filter designs simply because it uses an elegant natural solution to clear the air. Other air purifiers require the use of removable filters that collect the toxins and must be periodically replaced or cleaned. The Andrea, on the other hand, utilizes a natural process that has been taking place since long before humans walked the planet – and adds a high-tech twist.

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See more in Home & Personal or under Gadgets. August, 2011.