Cleaner Commuting: Safer, Comfortable Bicycle Concept

Bikes are undeniably a great way to commute to work or school, but people who aren’t experienced bikers can feel a little intimidated by the concept of riding a bike every day. This concept bike is meant to ease the minds of beginner bike commuters and encourage them to pedal their way to wherever they’re going. Nicholas Foley developed the Etta Commuter Bike for people who need the ideal human-powered vehicle for getting around, not a highly specialized bike.

The Etta has a number of features to make it friendly to the casual commuter. The high-backed seat is high up on the frame, putting the rider in a highly visible position and increasing the safety factor. The seat mimics the posture and comfort of a car seat, making the ride much more pleasant than the typical bike ride.

The integrated cargo compartment lets riders take work materials, school books or daily shopping wherever they go. The cargo space is situated below the seat rather than behind it, which should in theory allow the rider to carry a load without affecting the bike’s center of gravity.

Lights integrated into the bike’s frame add to the bike’s safety features. According to Foley’s website, there is a patent pending on the Etta’s unusual design and he’s just waiting for the opportunity to take the design into production. With some financial backing (and maybe a little luck) maybe we’ll be seeing these beauties on the streets soon.

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See more in Bikes & Cycles or under Transportation. July, 2010.