Ceramic Sound: Sleek, Simple, Ultra-Modern iPhone Speaker

iPhone speakers are rarely lovely enough to make you want to display them openly, but the MegaPhone is one that you could proudly leave on your coffee table for every visitor to admire. The ceramic amplifier isn’t a “speaker” in the traditional sense, but it makes it possible to listen to your iPhone or iPod Touch without headphones.

The MegaPhone, designed by en&is, sits on a wooden base to lift its ceramic body up off of the surface on which it rests, cutting down on ugly vibration sounds.

The small end of the MegaPhone is just large enough to hold your iPhone up without it slipping down into the main chamber. You turn it on and slip it in, then let the cavernous ceramic chamber make your music or phone calls loud enough to fill the room with sound.

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See more in Audio & TV or under Gadgets. May, 2011.