Caution, Exploding Machinery: 3 Artfully Exploded Cars

(image via: Avi Abrams)

Whether you’re a gearhead or a gadget junkie, there’s something truly appealing about seeing every last little piece of a car deconstructed and laid out neatly. Automobiles are fascinating machines, with tons of tiny pieces that do unexpected things, with each part serving a purpose. And knowing that every functional part of a car is the result of a century of hard work and refinement is kind of awe-inspiring.

(image via: Prius Chat)

These cars were carefully deconstructed and laid out for the sake of art. Seeing every bit that makes a car tick is like taking a look inside a secret world. Just like any other complex machine, cars are full of parts both small and large that all work together to make the overall functions go exactly the way they should – and it’s oddly poetic, in a mechanical sort of way.

(image via: Damian Ortega)

These exploded views take an object that’s ever-present in our everyday lives and give it an entirely new (to most of us) spin. This is truly art for the geek heart. It kind of makes us wonder what everything else would look like in detailed exploded view. Now where are our screwdrivers?

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