Caterpillar Kickflips: Military Skateboard Shreds Any Terrain

When the zombie invasion strikes and we all need to find ways to get around, maybe a motorized skateboard with giant caterpillar tracks might not be the most practical. But anyone riding this bad boy will definitely be the envy of everyone stuck in boring armored trucks. The DTV Shredder promises to go where no skateboard has gone before, and to look kind of awesome doing it. It was actually designed by creator Ben Gulak to be a first-response military vehicle for soldiers who need all-terrain access.

Because of the DTV Shredder’s low center of gravity, it can travel at high speeds over pretty much any kind of land conditions. With or without a rider, it speeds along over terrain that a regular ATV wouldn’t be able to handle, let alone a traditional skateboard.

The impressive contraption can reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour and take on 40 degree slopes with no problem. Its creator says it can be used for various military operations: reconnaissance, surveillance, medical evacuations and rescues.

If the situation is too dangerous for a human rider to swoop in on the motorized skateboard, the DTV Shredder can be operated remotely. We’re guessing that characteristic would also be pretty handy when deploying decoys to distract the zombies – just don’t try to do any grinds on it.

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See more in Mods & Custom or under Transportation. September, 2010.