Car-Shaped Shell Conceals Awesome All-Weather Bicycle

bod car shaped bicycle

Cycling in Sweden, where it is cold and snowy for nearly half of the year, is not an easy feat, but this new bike makes it possible to do so in comfort and (a strange kind of) style.

podride car bike

Swedish design engineer Mikael Kjellman developed the PodRide, a velomobile or bicycle-car that can travel across tough terrain, including snow- or ice-covered roads and hills.

pod under the hood

The four-wheeled, human-powered vehicle is covered in waterproof fabric and looks like a compact European car, but narrow enough to work either on a street or a bicycle path. Instead of doors, the whole hood lifts up to let the driver (or: biker) in and out.

pod winter vehicle

The bike corners and steers remarkably well and comes equipped with studded tires, a small trunk, a heated windshield, an adjustable back-supporting seat and front and rear lights powered by a battery. Basically a car, but no gas needed, but a power assist is available for those who want it. It even has a hookup so you can tow a trailer with extra belongings or small children.

pod driving on ice

“Bicycle Cars are practical, good for your health, cheap to run, good for the environment, and fun to drive,” said Kjellman. “They require no new and advanced technology to work and they would not cost much if they were mass-produced.”

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