Burned Fingers Meet Their Match in Smart Candle Holders

Lighting a candle when it gets way down low in the container can be hazardous to your fingertips. Most people would either get longer matches or find one of those long-nose barbecue lighters, but a group of Swedish designers called Form Us With Love came up with this slightly more poetic solution.

Their Match candle design is quite elegant in its simplicity. It is a glass votive container that happens to have a small slit down the side – just wide enough to fit a match into. You strike the match and then slide it down the vent to reach the wick, lighting the candle with no uncomfortably singed fingers.

Of course, the design feels a little less appealing when you realize that a set of four of these small glass containers will set you back a whopping $75. For that much, you could buy something like 35 barbecue lighters and never burn your fingers again. But alas, that solution wouldn’t be quite as pretty.

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See more in Industrial Design or under Technology. February, 2012.