Brilliant Squishy Light Bulb Solves an Age-Old Problem

booo bulbs

The Dutch have sure had some bright ideas lately. Design company Booo, located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, has set out to create sustainable, all-in-one light bulb / lampshades. They have challenged the classic design of the light bulb and work with distinguished designers such as Nacho Carbonell.

Carbonell’s main criterion for the re-design of the essential yet simple LED light bulb is based on one major flaw: it’s made of glass. Light bulbs in general can sustain very little physical trauma without breaking. Throw shipping in the mix and the bulbs are more vulnerable than a bare light diode.

booo flexible light bulb

In accordance with Booo Labs, Carbonell created a bulb and lampshade hybrid by surrounding the bulb with a soft plastic dome. Practical and user-friendly, the lampshade can be squeezed and molded. It offers soft diffusion of the LED’s glow. He also created a ladder-like tail that connects to the lampshade and can be used for further décor. They would make perfect additions to art galleries, live music shows or your living room.

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See more in Industrial Design or under Technology. May, 2013.