Beautifully Blended: Digital Watch With Analog Movement

The Digital Analog watch by Josh Chadwick satisfies both our nerdy tech needs and our desire for classic stylishness. The streamlined timepiece, winner of Cadence Collective’s Design Philadelphia contest, puts a modern twist on the centuries-old analog watch functionality.

The watch features a digital face with cool analog movement: sweeping digital rings represent the hours and minutes, while the center of the face keeps track of the day, date, AM/PM and seconds.

Chadwick’s design is a sophisticated blend of old and new, a fantastic compromise for those who want the best of both worlds without the drawbacks of either. The cool watch isn’t just a wishful redesign of the old standards; it’s actually being produced and sold by Cadence Creative.

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See more in Clocks & Watches or under Gadgets. October, 2010.