Backyak: Modular Backpack Becomes Kayak, Sled & Sailboat


A portable personal vehicle for all seasons created by German engineers, this transforming back-mounted marvel lets you finish your hillside hike then sled back down or portage between lakes (or rivers or oceans) on day trips along both land and water.

backyak two person kayak

backyak photography

backyak snow sled configuration

The trick behind the Backyak is in sharing the load – two people together carry pieces of the dual-person kayak then assemble it on site. However, halves can also be deployed separately for single-person use.

backyack two halfs

backyack assembly

A slightly different ‘Relax’ configuration lets you strap together the parts to form a bathing platform. A further ‘Sail’ package turns this platform into a catamaran sailboat you can drive with wind or paddles.

backyack two person load

backyack back pack

For winter usage, the ‘Snow’ package adds skis to the bottom and lets you cruise down hills using your feet to steer the sled. Any extra equipment or add-ons are designed to fit neatly into the voids of the hollow pieces being carried. An electric motor for powering your water rides and additional floating pontoons are also available.

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See more in Mods & Custom or under Transportation. March, 2015.