Asus’ Cardboard Shipping Boxes are Temporary PC Cases

Asus, in a reported attempt to cut down on shipping waste, is set to start shipping computer components in cardboard boxes that can actually be used as cases – temporarily, at least. The cardboard cases will feature compartments for adding CD/DVD and hard drives and will have enough room for just about everything else you want to stuff into your weirdly low-tech case. Air holes are provided to ventilate the computer so your case doesn’t unexpectedly burst into flames on your desk.

According to Asus, the cardboard case is ideal for hobbyists who are just waiting to build the perfect custom case. Given that the temporary case only has a one-year lifespan, it might be great motivation for procrastinating DIYers to get that long-planned case mod project underway and finished.

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See more in Computers or under Gadgets. March, 2011.