Aroma Printer Preserves Pictures + Scents of Favorite Foods

Food photography has taken off in a bigger way than anyone really could have predicted. There are entire websites devoted to nothing but “food porn.” In light of this interest, it doesn’t seem to make sense that no one has ever tried to take the art to the next level until now. This camera and printer recreates not only a visual representation of a delicious meal, but the smell as well.

The camera/printer was designed by student┬áZhu Jingxuan in collaboration with Sony’s Student Design Workshop. Although it is strictly a fictional product, the premise is just so cool it isn’t hard to imagine it actually being produced and sold. As the camera captures a snapshot, it also catches a scent and stores it. Then, it prints them out together on a postcard with “aroma ink.” Then you send that aromatized postcard of your world-famous lasagna to your far-off cousin to get him to come for a visit.

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See more in Camera & Video or under Gadgets. August, 2012.