Amputee Gamer Gets Bionic Arm with Screen, Charger & Drone

gamer limb

When avid gamer James Young lost his arm, he became despondent, but, thanks to Konami, he has now been outfitted inspired by the game Metal Gear Solid and boasting a dazzling array of futuristic features.

This arm project was led by prosthetic artist Sophie De Oliveria Brata, founder of the Alternative Limb Project. Another prosthetics company named Open Bionics took care of 3D-printing the hand.

futuristic limb

Costing around $100,00 the carbon-fiber replacement limb moves in response to muscle signals, allowing him to lift and carry objects but also employ its screen, flashlight, USB phone-charging port and (best of all) deploy a battery-powered drone attached to its side. The prosthesis weighs about ten pounds and is supported by a harness strapped to his body.


“Once I had read a great line which stuck in my head on a website where a prosthetic user said ‘I want to take off my limb and leave it in a room, and people will recognise it and know that belongs to me. It reflects part of my personality’. I totally connected with that idea as a biologist, knowing that all parts of our bodies can be recognised as being ours by our unique DNA, so why not add a personal stamp to our artificial limbs.”

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See more in Cybernetics or under Technology. April, 2016.