All Packed Up: Collapsing Bike Fits Entirely in a Backpack

bike in a bag concept

Super-portable bikes are nothing new. If anything, we’re flooded with concepts and with actual purchasable bikes. But the Kit Bike from Lucid Design is different enough to catch the eye.

kit bike disassembled

construction of kit bike

The bike is a lightweight, hollow-tube cycle that snaps together quickly and easily. Simple twist joints hold the tubes together and, with a little practice, you can assemble or disassemble it in minutes.

collapsible bike handlebars

kit bike pedals

But here’s where the really interesting part of the design comes in. With most folding bikes, the frame can easily fold up but then you’ve still got to carry the wheels around with you. The Kit Bike comes with a handsome leather backpack that holds all of the bike’s parts, including the wheels.

kit bike instructions

kit bike in a bag

There are three compartments in the bag: the center is for the frame parts, and the two outer pockets hold the wheels. The whole thing straps onto your back so you can easily carry it around on the street, on the trail, or on public transport. The design is in the concept stage and might need some further refinement (a more stable frame would be nice), but it’s got serious promise.

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See more in Bikes & Cycles or under Transportation. November, 2014.