Absolutely Alluring Ads: 6 Sexy Vintage Techy Adverts

Sexy pictures, suggestive text and attractive models have been used to sell everything from shoes to cigarettes to farm equipment. At first glance, sex and technology may seem like strange bedfellows. But these vintage tech ads successfully used sexy suggestion to sell computers and other tech products.

Consumers who weren’t sure whether they really needed that new computer or modem could rest assured that buying such geeky items wouldn’t necessarily make them geeks. After all, beautiful models were representing these products – and beautiful people only associate with the very best things in life.

From scantily-clad ladies to nerdy guys who were clearly about to have some fun, these ads demonstrate the best and worst of advertising. They’re persuasive, but they’re kind of cheap. They’re creative, but super cheesy. Then again, what would advertising be without the cheap tricks we’ve come to know and love/hate?

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See more in Aged Adverts or under Vintage & Retro. December, 2010.