A is for Art: The Amazing Alphabet of Awesomeness

Remember the kindergarten letter books that featured every letter of the alphabet in its own special sentence? Freelance writer and illustrator Neill Cameron has created the grown-up (geeky) version called “The A-Z of Awesomeness.” It’s every bit as awesome as its name implies. Cameron created a gorgeous illustration and absurd sentence for every letter of the alphabet and rolled it up into a bundle of sci-fi, geek and dark humor.

The sentences were actually suggested by Cameron’s followers on a variety of social networking sites. He asked for input and chose a design for every letter – one a day for 26 days in June and July, 2009.

We doubt even the artist could have predicted how epic the finished product would be. He includes references to Star Wars, Buffy, Xena, Hello Kitty, and tons of other recognizable characters, but he gives them new lives through his awesome illustrations.

While Cameron was selling posters of The A-Z of Awesomeness for a while, they’re all sold out and he’s not planning on printing more. But you can (and should!) still enjoy the awesomeness online. You’ll never look at the alphabet in the same way again.

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