Your Life on Your Wrist: Google’s New Smartwatch Interface

android wear google wearable smartwatch

Our smartphones are with us constantly, feeding us information and distracting us from our real lives. Google is set to make information overload even easier with Android Wear, their newly-announced platform that will attach Android to wearable devices. The first project on the schedule for the new platform: smartwatches that go way beyond just telling the time.

Android Wear will give you the information you want and anticipate the information you need. It’ll show you feeds from your social apps, let you send and receive instant messages, and basically everything your smartphone does for you now. Saying “Ok Google” to your smartwatch will let you get instant information – the kind that you might ordinarily Google on your computer or smartphone. But the “Ok Google” command will also let you do stuff like call a taxi or make a dinner reservation.

Developers are already working on Android Wear apps that will make Google’s smartwatches robust and able to help you control every facet of your life. The apps will involve the same tapping and swiping that you’re used to with existing Android devices, but there will also be exciting new features that let your wearable device keep up with your life. While the form factor of these early designs isn’t super-sexy, we can let that go for now as Google perfects the Android Wear experience.

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See more in Clocks & Watches or under Gadgets. April, 2014.