Write, Erase, Repeat: Reusable Never-Ending Notebook


Using a whiteboard (or dry erase board) has become a familiar activity for creative or academic types. Similarly, carrying around a notebook or two or three to jot down notes and sketches is a time-honored tradition. A group of brilliant Canadian inventors figured out a way to combine the two into something that they call Writerase.

writerase reusable notebooks

The Writerase line of products (the company likes to call them “a forest”) take the best parts of whiteboards and notebooks and smoosh them together. Whiteboards are easily used and re-used, but aren’t super-portable. Notebooks can go anywhere, but can really only be used until you’ve filled up every page and then they have to be retired.

reusable plastic coated paper notebook

Writerase notebooks are composed of paper sheets coated in thin but resilient plastic. Most dry erase pens work with the notebooks. As you come up with brilliant ideas that really need to be jotted down immediately, you can write them down like you would in any other notebook. They’ll stay put until you decide to erase them.

When you’ve executed your evil plans or typed out the masterpiece you wrote in your Writerase notebook, you can erase it all and use it again. That’s what makes the line of reusable notebooks so awesome: they don’t require you to buy a new one and use up more natural resources every time you run out of space. The project’s Kickstarter campaign raised far more than its modest goal in just four days, which we hope means that we’ll be able to stock up on these awesome notebooks soon.

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