Wrist Rescues: 16 New Ways to Keep Naked Wrists Occupied

Remember when the question “What time is it?” was followed by everyone within earshot glancing at their wrists? Now that we all carry around smartphones, we are more likely to reach into a pocket than anything when presented with a request for the time. Goofball artist Lunchbreath came up with 16 other things we can all do with our wrists now that they’re free of those pesky wristwatches.

Whether your wrist is feeling naked without its old watch or you just hate to see any usable part of your body go to waste, these ideas give some great jumping-off points for filling the void left by the de-popularization of wristwatches.

What type of person would wear mobile turntables or a portable Oreo holder on their wrist? Probably the same type of person who bought all of those ugly Swatches and Disney character watches year after year.

To be completely fair, some of these ideas aren’t all that silly. A handy place to keep a stack of quarters – for parking, laundry or vending machines – would be a welcome accessory in a lot of wardrobes.

Carrying food on one’s wrist, though, seems like one of the worst ideas ever. We may be able to get on board if the food is stable and securely wrapped, but a fragile pot pie on the wrist seems like an accident waiting to happen.

We’re all for adaptive re-use of obsolete objects, and the wrist has certainly lost its previous place as keeper of the timepiece. So why not keep it useful by strapping something else onto it?

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See more in Clocks & Watches or under Gadgets. February, 2011.