Wired Collar Turns You Into a Musical Human Speaker

throat speaker

This weird-looking collar might resemble a neck brace, but its actual function is much more interesting. Nic Wallenberg‘s The Human Speaker turns its wearer into, well, a human speaker. The collar bypasses the vocal chords and acts as the wearer’s voicebox, using the mouth and lips as an amplifier for some funky electronic sounds.

the human speaker

The Human Speaker attaches around the neck, collar-style, and can emit up to two notes at a time. The user controls the sounds with his mouth, manipulating and amplifying them to make some truly unique music.

Although each collar is only capable of producing two notes, multiple collar-wearing people can get together to make Bohemian Rhapsody-type harmonies. Wallenberg’s video is a fun demonstration of the kind of music possible with this odd futuristic-looking instrument.

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See more in Audio & TV or under Gadgets. August, 2013.