Weird Alcoholic Mouth Spray Gives Instant, Temporary Buzz

If you go to bars for the social aspect, then maybe dropping a ton of your hard-earned money on drinks doesn’t bother you. If you go purely for the feeling of intoxication, science might be able to help you get that on the cheap…and without the nasty hangover afterward.

The WAHH Quantum Sensations device is a small aerosol spray that delivers a tiny amount of alcohol to the mouth, kind of like a boozy version of a breath-freshening spray. The alcohol is enough to make one feel instantly buzzed, and within seconds it dissipates, leaving the user entirely sober.

Each spray bottle contains 21 sprays and will cost €20 (around $26 US) when it is released in Europe. As interesting as the concept is, we have our doubts about its long-term safety. If you aren’t using it excessively every day, it should be no more dangerous than getting drunk the traditional way.

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See more in Home & Personal or under Gadgets. May, 2012.