Weed-Stomping Farm Robot: No Harmful Pesticides Needed

weed stomper

Deepfield Robotics has developed a machine that can distinguish weeds from crops using pattern recognition software,  then removes or stamps out the former without harming the latter. This design will help farmers reduce reliance on dangerous pesticides and expensive fertilizers.

bonirob weed wacker farm

The Bonirob robot is about the size of a car and uses advanced shape recognition software to recognize different plant shapes and leaf types, able to deploy a rod that stamps weeds back down into the ground (both eliminating them as a threat and conveniently recycling them into the soil).

futuristic weeding machine

Additionally, its onboard systems can monitor and track crop growth, identify pest problems and water needs. It also gets smarter as it goes, adding new information in the field, so to speak.

farm robot rod stamper

“Over time, based on parameters such as leaf colour, shape, and size, Bonirob learns how to differentiate more and more accurately between the plants we want and the plants we don’t want” said Professor Amos Albert of Deepfield Robotics.

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See more in Robotics or under Technology. November, 2015.