Wearable Smartphone: Bracelet Projects Screens onto Arms

wearable bracelet smart phone

As devices get ever smaller the need to sacrifice functionality and screen size seems inevitable, but could be prevented by something that like this clever device that uses an external surface as both its display and interface.

wearable maps surface interface

wearable smart phone

The Cicret Bracelet is a wristband that turns your arm into a tablet, allowing you to use swipe, tap and pinch gestures along your own appendage instead of on a built-in screen. Naturally, it is possible to also use this device on either wrist for those who are left- or right-handed.

wearable portable gaming

wearable device technology guide

The tiny projector works in concert with a series of long-range proximity sensors and, while still being developed, is intended to come in multiple storage capacities, sizes and colors. Games, maps, phone calls, the device will do anything your current mobile gadget can.

wearable wrist arm projector

wearable arm projection device

“Here is a video shot by the Cicret Team showing the uses of the first working prototype of the CICRET BRACELET. It shows that the Cicret Team is the first one and only one in the world who succeeded to combine 4 technologies which create this groundbreaking wearable device: – project with a low-angle. – make it work on any skin color. – controllable with the finger. – and make it work even in bright daylight.”

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See more in Phones & Mobile or under Gadgets. May, 2015.