Watch 7 Famous Scientists Fight as Superpowered 8-Bit Gifs


In a stellar series of simple animations, you can watch some of the world’s most famous scientific minds execute video game moves based on their areas of discovery and expertise. Above, you can see Hawking’s special move: Wormhole. Below, Einstein dishes out some Special Relativity.




Darwin can dazzle you with his Evolution (above), then follow it up with a spin of Natural Selection (below).


Other key characters in this creative series include Marie Curie (below) with her Plutonium Punch, but also Pythagoras, who can hit you with his Pythagorean Theorem (a triangle formed by jumping up and angling back down). Newton packs Gravity and Tesla, of course, a Coil. All that remains, really, is for someone to turn this ingenious idea into an actual game – players would line up for a shot at this.


From creator Diego Sanches: “Seven famous scientists whose significant discoveries and inventions changed the world have been given superpowers based on their contributions to the field … including Stephen Hawking, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein,  Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla, Marie Curie and Pythagoras as part of the ‘science combat’ series for Brazilian publication Superinteressante magazine. The playable figures each have ‘basic’ and ‘special’ attacks, with the latter linking to his or her discovery in the field of chemistry, medicine, mathematics or physics.” Click here to see more in the series.

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See more in Digital Design or under Technology. March, 2016.