Wakey Wakey! P2P Alarm Service Lets Strangers Rouse You

It might sound cynical, but waking up sucks. There is seriously nothing you can say or do to make us believe that there is a way to make alarm clocks fun. The folks behind Talk O’Clock sure are trying, though. They’ve put together a pretty weird P2P wake-up call service that will allow total strangers to call you and rouse you from your much-needed dream time.

The system works by matching up sleepers and wakers via an online database. People who want to be woken up choose their alarm time and the gender they want to hear on the phone. Their names are put into the database and people who want to make wake-up calls can choose their victims. The system encourages callers to be “creative” in the way they wake up sleepers.

In the event that a waker can’t be matched up with a wakee, a robot voice makes the wake-up call. The service is free for both sides and the Talk O’Clock people say that there aren’t any privacy issues to worry about, although it seems like the system would be pretty easy to exploit for fun.

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See more in Clocks & Watches or under Gadgets. August, 2011.