VW to Resurrect Classic Camper Van as New Electric Vehicle

new revived vw camper

As distinctive as the Volkswagen Beetle, the Westfalia Camper is an icon of cross-country road trips – like the Bug, it has also been out of production for some time, at least until now.

vw camper revival

Mentioned at the New York Auto Show, this new design follows a number of somewhat more bus-like releases by Volkswagen in recent years, but will be much more closely tied to the aesthetic of this vintage favorite. The iconic flat nose would be achieved in part by placing a small electric motor below the front seats of the vehicle.

vw classic camper van

Neusser told Autocar that the design of the original VW van was “so iconic” that any attempt at a new model would have to have three “very important” design cues: “First the wide, solid, D-Pillar, second the boxy design of the centre section and, thirdly, the front end must have a very short overhang. The distance from the A-pillar to the front end must be very short.”

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