Vive le Button! Turn Your iPhone Into a Real Digi Camera

In recent years, many people have lamented the death of the button. That endlessly inviting pushable object that is almost impossible to leave alone (even when it sports a large “DO NOT PUSH” warning) has gone the way of the dinosaurs as most of our gadgets are going touchscreen. So it is with the camera. Even digital cameras sported a big button on top that gave way satisfyingly under a bit of pressure from a finger. But now that so many of us are substituting our mobile phones for actual cameras, there’s no button to push – just an annoyingly easy-to-miss little box on a touchscreen.

Beep Industries wants to bring back the button with their iPhone accessory they call the Red Pop. It easily snaps onto the iPhone, turning it into something that resembles a digital camera complete with a giant red button on top. By giving the iPhone that familiar camera-like orientation and a real button for you to push, the Red Pop could help you capture moments you would otherwise miss while fumbling for that on-screen shutter button. This isn’t one of those products that you would love to have but will never be able to buy: the first production run is being financed through Kickstarter.

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See more in Camera & Video or under Gadgets. June, 2011.