Use Bodily Fluids to Track Your Health Metrics At Home

cue biological health tracker

Home health trackers are currently most or less limited to recording your activity level and tracking your weight. A device called Cue is changing the game by taking actual biological measurements using biofluids like blood or saliva. The Cue’s microfluidic system and bio-sensors can give you a much more complete picture of your overall health than any other health tracker.

cue health tracker

Cue tracks five different aspects of your body’s health: inflammation, influenza, testosterone, fertility, and Vitamin D. There are separate cartridges for each health metric; you place a biological sample on a Sample Wand and insert it into the appropriate cartridge, which is enclosed in the larger Bluetooth-enabled Cue box.

cue bluetooth health tracker microfluidics

The box analyzes the sample and sends the results straight to the Cue smartphone app. The app tracks changes in the health metrics over time, giving you a clear picture of whether you are getting enough Vitamin D, telling you when you’re ovulating, or helping you figure out whether you have a cold or the flu.

cue travel case

You can test yourself as often as you want, which will no doubt be a huge help to some people who previously only had access to these tests through expensive doctor visits. Of course, the Cue involves a substantial initial investment: it is available at a pre-launch price of $199. That price will go up to $300 when it launches in Spring 2015. Additional Sample Wands, cartridges, and a carrying case will also be available post-launch.

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