US Navy Develops Augmented Reality Display for Divers

diving display mask

Like something straight out of Iron Man, this new heads-up display (HUD) from the United States Navy turns diving helmets into dynamic screens.

davd digital display

The Divers Augmented Reality Display, or DAVD for short, is still in a prototyping phase but is designed to provide real-time data for underwater missions, supplemented with sonar and photography as well as briefs and texts to keep divers current while exploring the depths.

hud demo

A pair of transparent displays together form a stereoscopic augmented heads-up display, simulating depth for divers in low-visibility scenarios.

hud realtim

Live maps can be overlaid on murky scenes, allowing the diver to see regardless of conditions on the ground (or in the water, as it were).

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See more in Futuristic or under Technology. June, 2016.