Transparent Transport: Invisible Bike Gives Public an Eyeful

invisible bike

Most cyclists like people to be able to see what they’re riding around on, but not artist Jimmy Kuehnle. His invisible bike is completely transparent (save for a few components), and when he rides it he wears an invisible outfit to match.

rolling sculpture invisible bike

Built in 2005, the bike is as much a performance piece and sculpture as it is a mode of transportation. It’s made of Lexan (also known as “bullet proof glass”) except for the wheels, chain and bearings.

jimmy kuehnle invisible bike

The artist’s bike-riding outfit complements the bike perfectly, giving spectators an eyeful of Kuehnle. Even his headgear is made of clear plastic tubing.

transparent bike

Although the bike is a moving work of art – literally – it is very low to the ground so obviously the rider has to take some care not to bottom out while riding.

see-through bike

Kuehnle doesn’t appear to have any plans to mass-produce his invisible bike, so the rest of us will just have to keep riding our plain old visible bikes – transparent clothing optional.

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See more in Bikes & Cycles or under Transportation. March, 2013.