Toothbrush Uses Sun to Chemically Vanquish Dirty Mouths

All you need for a bright and healthy smile could be this toothbrush and a dose of sunshine. Dr. Kunio Komiyama of the Mechanical University of Saskatchewan first came up with the idea for a solar-powered plaque fighter some 15 years ago, but it’s only now that the concept is being tested – with a brand new version of the invention. But far from being just a regular mechanical toothbrush that happens to be powered by the sun, this unique gadget actually uses solar power to cause a helpful chemical reaction in the mouth. According to Dr. Komiyama, the Soladey-J3X can get the mouth much cleaner than a regular toothbrush.

It works with a solar panel sticking out of the bottom of the brush. The toothbrush requires about as much sunlight as a solar calculator. After grabbing some rays, the toothbrush releases electrons, which react with saliva in the mouth, breaking down plaque and killing bacteria, leaving your mouth super-clean – all without toothpaste. Human trials are going on right now, so now might be a good time to sell all of those shares in toothpaste companies you’ve been hoarding.

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See more in Home & Personal or under Gadgets. October, 2010.