Tiny Roomba-Like Screen Wiper Robot is the Cutest Cleaner

screen cleaning robot

The touch screen of your tablet or smartphone is undoubtedly teeming with bacteria. While most of us would just take a soft cloth to the germ factory, Japanese toy manufacturer Takara Tomy has a much, much better idea: a tiny Roomba-esque robot to do the cleaning for you.

automee s screen cleaning robot

The Automee S is a palm-size robot with little paper rollers on its underside. As it rolls around your device’s screen it mops up finger grease, bacteria and marks. The cute little thing takes four minutes to clean a smartphone or eight minutes for a tablet.

roomba-like screen cleaning robot

Just like its full-size inspiration, the Automee S has sensors that guide it on the job. In this case, the sensors keep it from falling off the edge of your device. The silly little toy may be entirely unnecessary, but come on – how cute would it be to see it rolling around on your iPad’s screen while you take a much-needed break? The Automee S will run you around $17 (US) and comes in four bright colors.

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See more in Robotics or under Technology. February, 2013.