Tilt-A-Mouse: Hovering Mouse Moves in Every Direction

Those of us who use a mouse for hours upon hours every workday can attest to the discomfort caused by the weird hand position forced by the standard mouse. Smartfish’s Whirl Laser Mouse aims to cut down on wrist and hand pain in mouse users by letting the mouse pivot in every direction.

Unlike some other ergonomic mice, this design does not require users to re-learn how to use a mouse in a new way. Instead, it uses the motion and hand position which have become second nature to most of us and adds a new layer of pivoting movements that allow the hand and wrist to move in a natural, comfortable way.

Given the high incidence of repetitive stress injuries in office settings, an input device like this one that actually takes natural hand positions and movements into account could greatly cut down on lost work days and insurance payouts. But more importantly, we imagine that a tilting mouse would make for an awesomely unique gaming experience.

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See more in Computers or under Gadgets. January, 2011.
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