The Universe on Your Desk: Cosmic Clock Runs on Weather

Clock design was once a greatly respected craft. These days, the mass-produced timepieces most of us have in our homes and offices are more sterile and lacking the type of care that once went into clocks and watches. But Australian aircraft designer Marc Newson is putting the care and wonder back into clocks with this incredibly beautiful clock.

It’s called the Atmos 566, and it’s powered by tiny changes in temperature. This power system means that it can theoretically run forever with basically no effort from its owner. The designer says that he is fascinated by the idea of a clock as a miniature universe, and this one certainly seems to fit that description.

Maybe the best part of this unique clock is its information output. It, of course, displays the time. But it also includes indications of cardinal points and astrological signs, and a center display shows a view of the night sky from the Northern Hemisphere. Made by Jaeger-LeCoultre, the limited edition clocks will run you between $2,600 and $70,600.

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See more in or under Various Gizmos. February, 2010.