The Re-Furniturization of Television: Modern Vintage Design

Back when televisions were new, they were massive things set into huge wooden cabinets that took up half of the living room. They were pieces of furniture in their own right. But as technology has marched on, our TVs have become appliances that we put on top of specialized pieces of furniture rather than acting as furniture themselves.

Designer Mike Chen wants to rewind living room design a few decades and make the television the impressive piece of furniture it once was. His TV design puts a flat-screen TV inside a wooden cabinet with legs and a bunny-ears antenna on top. Unlike vintage TVs, this one comes with a remote – though its design is reminiscent of the controls on older television sets. The simple remote consists of a single dial for adjusting channel and volume and one big button for the power. When it is not in use, the remote fits into the body of the TV at the top right corner, completing its awesome vintage look.

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See more in Audio & TV or under Gadgets. March, 2011.