Techy Sculptures Reincarnate Obsolete Typewriters

There is something undeniably elegant about old typewriters. Even though they are made of cold, hard machinery, they are somehow gently and warmly familiar in this age of sleek computers. Sculptor Jeremy Mayer brings out the organic beauty in vintage typewriters by ripping them apart and reassembling them into anatomically correct human forms and visually compelling animal forms.

Mayer’s sculptures are comprised entirely of old typewriter parts. Nothing more is added – not even solder or glue. There is nothing present in the finished sculptures that hasn’t come from a disassembled typewriter.

The fascinating shapes that result from Mayer’s artistry are an interesting blend of technology and organic form. The metal and plastic of the obsolete machines are transformed in the artist’s hands into beautifully soft biological forms: humans, animals and insects.

Given the inorganic origins of the materials, it’s difficult to believe that Mayer manages to put so much soul and personality into his creations. But when the artist disassembles the typewriters and rearranges the components into their new forms, they gain new life, giving us a glimpse of the human element contained in every piece of technology.

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See more in Art of Tech or under Technology. October, 2010.