Tactile Tablet: Dynamic Liquid Surface Device for the Blind

braille blind tablet prototype

Beyond braille, this device can output raised patterns, maps, graphics and more, all for the visually impaired using liquid rather than mechanical parts for a more robust machine and fluid experience.

braille raised liquid tablet

Liquid bubbles raise up on the surface of the device while complimentary software is able to convert various file formats for easy compatibility, accepting files wirelessly or via USB. Blitab Technology boasts of its creation: “This is revolutionary and we want to solve a great issue, and that’s the literacy of blind people. The technology is quite scalable so we can output images and put any tactile relief representation like maps and graphics, such as geometric figures, in order to serve as an educational tool for blind people.”

current braille typing machine

Current market competitors (like the one shown above) generate only a single line of braille at a time and cannot create more complex shapes – they also cost up to three times as much and thus serve only small niche markets that can afford them.

“We think blind people should be included in the digital era in which we live, with all of the smartphones and tablets, but also ensure that they have a proper way to do everything that sighted people do, like web browsing, reading books and downloading books. Only 1% of all books worldwide are available in printed braille, as it’s very expensive to produce printed braille. Some people are even saying that braille is decreasing among blind people but we want to get to the point where we can actually change this.”

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See more in Computers or under Gadgets. July, 2015.