Sweet Hipster Bike is All About Looks, Not Performance

Most bikes designers are worried about how their bike will function, and how good it will be at getting riders from one place to another. Likewise, most people who ride bicycles want them to be functional, efficient and powerful but easy to ride. But if you think bikes should be more about looks than about performance, maybe J.Ruiter‘s Inner City Bike might be just what you’re looking for. It all but eliminates the frame and does away with the chain entirely (so there’s no chance of your skinny jeans getting caught in it). The fun design is a stripped-down version of a bike that’s completely stylish and not at all concerned with things like power or performance.

The design came about in 2009 when JRuiter + studio wondered how best to accomplish ultra-short urban travel. They came up with a target buyer who would live and work in an urban environment and not need to travel very far on their bike. The target user might be a bit more concerned with the way they look on the way to work or play than with the way their bike works. The result of the exercise was this thoroughly modern compact bike that looks a bit like two joined unicycles.

The designer is the first to admit that the Inner City Bike isn’t the solution for everyone. In fact, it’s described as “quirky,” and fatiguing over time. But for short jaunts to the supermarket or library, there aren’t many bikes more stylish and distinctive than this one. It may be available as soon as the Spring of 2010, so hipsters, start saving up your quarters now.

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See more in Bikes & Cycles or under Transportation. March, 2010.
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