Sweet + Delicate: Intricate 3D Sculptures Made of Sugar

3d printed sculptures made of sugar

Although its origins lie in futuristic applications like manufacturing and prototyping, 3D printing also tends to be continually layered (pun not intended) in irony and kitsch, and LA-based design team The Sugar Lab want to capitalize on it.

intricate 3d printed sugar sculptures

sugar sculptures 3d printed

Kyle and Liz von Hasseln, husband and wife duo behind the project, make novelty 3D-printed sculptures out of sugar. Fully edible, the designs are intended to be cake toppers or table centerpieces.

sugar sculpture 3d printed

3d printed sugar heads

While the heads look weird, the coral-like designs are actually very intricate and pretty. They hope to eventually add flavoring to their creations. If 3D erotic designs haven’t been done yet, somebody better jump on that idea.

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See more in Art of Tech or under Technology. August, 2013.