Super-Flexible Prosthetic Leg Shows Women’s Personal Style

There seems to be an idea in the prosthesis manufacturing community that amputees should be happy to simply have a replacement limb. Prosthetic legs have dramatically improved in function over the last couple of decades, but they remain utilitarian and their designers seem oblivious to the stylistic needs of their wearers.

Aviya Serfaty, a recent design graduate, created “Outfeet,” a prosthetic leg that lets female amputees be stylish and attractive even while using an artificial limb. Outfeet is highly modifiable leg with tons of options to let the personality of the user shine through.

The base of the Outfeet leg is a carbon fiber bone-like structure. It can be used with just the interior structure, but the Outfeet also comes with several “skins” that stretch over the bones to change the look of the entire leg. From a simple but ornate daytime look to a sports skin to a sophisticated black evening skin, the various customizable looks entirely change the aesthetic without adding weight to the prosthetic.

The greatest thing about Outfeet is its extremely feminine look; unlike other prosthetics which look very utilitarian or even plain, the Outfeet bears a distinctly ladylike silhouette. An additional high heel attachment adds on to give an even greater degree of flexibility and let the user wear formal styles easily.

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See more in Cybernetics or under Technology. October, 2010.