Stuck on Music: Sticky MP3 Player Uses Body Heat for Power

Keeping your music with you wherever you go is easier now than ever before, but in case you forget your MP3 player on a trip or at the gym, this design could save you from boredom. The Skinny Player, designed by Chih-Wei Wang and Shou-His Fu, sticks to the skin just like an adhesive bandage and eliminates the need for holsters, cases and carriers.

Each Skinny Player would come pre-loaded with one album. It’s capable of sticking and re-sticking several times, so you could continue to listen to the same album over and over after purchasing. Good luck getting to that one track you really like, though: the player is equipped with only a play/stop button and no fast forward or rewind.

The Skinny Player includes built-in speakers but no earphone jack. For working out or commuting, this could make you into a huge nuisance to those around you. But for hanging out by yourself, the multi-use disposable player could prove very useful.

Perhaps the strangest thing about this off-the-wall design is that it is meant to be powered by body heat. That is a tall order, particularly since that technology hasn’t been perfected yet. But if it does come to be a common way to power gadgets in the future, you can bet that we’ll be strapping on one of these Band-Aid MP3 players just for the heck of it.

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See more in Audio & TV or under Gadgets. November, 2010.