Stretching the Musical Muscles: Extending Speaker Concept

Music lovers know that different types of music and different listening situations require an adaptable sound system. This Music Accordion Speakers concept would let you tailor the position and location of your speakers to optimize your listening experience, going from compact to customized in seconds.

The fun concept starts off as a little plastic box with a convenient handle on top. It functions as a speaker when closed, but you also have the option to expand your listening experience: the sides pull out to create a concertina-like set of speakers. The two small suction cups in the center of the assembly keep it put on the table, wall or wherever you want your music to temporarily reside.

The accordion arms can be put into just about any position, allowing you to customize the speakers to suit the space you’re in or the positions you and other listeners are sitting in. The Accordion Speakers are designed to work with all types of MP3 players and phones.

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See more in Audio & TV or under Gadgets. June, 2010.